Photos: Salem University Hosts Alumni Basketball Games for Jaxon Cummings

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | April 21, 2018
For the first time ever, Salem University hosted alumni basketball games, but they wanted to donate the proceeds back to the community, so they thought of Jaxon Cummings. Organizers of the alumni basketball games decided that the game would be played in Jaxon's benefit. The games were held last weekend on the campus of Salem University.
Jaxon is one and half-years-old and he was diagnosed with Nephronophthisis, a rare kidney disease, in July of 2017. He was on dialysis from July until he got his kidney transplant in December. With another surgery coming up and a strict schedule of medications, little Jaxon puts up a daily fight.
Click HERE to view the entire report from WDTV on Jaxon and the games.
Photos are by Tyler Maxwell of

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