Jeff Toquinto's Blog: How Liberty grad Mike Carey fell victim to the Huggins' treadmill

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | September 24, 2017
About one month into the official launch of Connect-Bridgeport, I was able to meet with West Virginia University Coaches Mike Carey and Bob Huggins at a Mountaineer Coaches Caravan event that was held at the Bridgeport Conference Center. The event was May 22, 2012 to be exact.
Since we were still fledgling at the time and have expanded our audience, I would really hate for those of you who know Mike Carey and to actually have missed this. So for the good of the cause, I thought I’d rehash this wonderful tale involving the former Bridgeport resident, Clarksburg native and Liberty High School graduate.
Prior to the start of the event, the lobby of the Bridgeport Conference Center was filled with plenty of food and drink (and yes, since I was involved and Scott Duarte was involved with the freebies I partook) for those on hand. It was also the time where we media types could get an interview with the coaches that were on hand.
Since I don’t cover WVU sports on a regular basis and was fairly certain no one was going to be unveiling anything significant or what the other media members in attendance didn’t already know, I figured I would go another route. The only thing I needed was for Carey and Huggins to be in attendance.
They both were.
The question I needed to ask involved Huggins’ notorious treadmill. For those that don’t know, Huggins is known to keep a treadmill out during practice and for those falling into his disfavor to utilize.
By all accounts, it’s not a fun utilization of practice time. So what’s that got to do with Carey, who is the women’s basketball coach at WVU? As it turned out, plenty.
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