Deegan and Hinkle Lakes stocked and ready! Open on Saturday for local anglers

By Local News | March 17, 2017
By Julie Perine. As was planned, Hinkle and Deegan lakes were stocked this past Sunday afternoon by Indian Lakes Fisheries of Elk View. Plenty of trout – golden, brown and rainbow – await anxious anglers. As the sun rises Saturday, the lakes open and the season officially begins.

If the weather cooperates, it could be a very busy place.

“It’s really a shot in the dark,” said Stan Kwiatkowski of Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department. “I’ve seen it snow real hard on opening day and I’ve seen it be nice and in the 50s. It could be shoulder-to-shoulder – or not. You just don’t know.”

Regardless of the weather, 13-year-old Nick Fiber will be among the fishermen testing the waters Saturday morning.
“He has a kayak so more than likely, he’ll be taking that with him. He’ll also have his Go-Pro,” said his grandmother, Vickie Tout. “That boy fishes non-stop. It is life to him. Winter never stopped him – rain or snow – it doesn’t matter to him.”

Fiber has obviously attended opening day at the lakes several times. But for Melinda Shields, it is a first-time event. The wife of the late Dale Shields, longtime director of Bridgeport Public Works, is going to give it a try – following a longtime tradition of her husband and son.
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