Remembering the "Monster Milkshake" at Clarksburg's famous Canteen Restaurant

By Local News | April 11, 2017
By Jeff Toquinto.  At the end of March, the wife and I had vacation time to use and opted for a trip to Myrtle Beach. That, of course, meant time at the beach and plenty of time looking for places to eat and grab a snack.

One afternoon, as my sweet tooth got the best of me, I began craving a milkshake as I lounged by a nearby swimming pool and my mind drifted to different places. If it was just any milkshake, my craving would have been easy to satisfy. But I didn’t want an ordinary milkshake.

What I wanted no longer exists. It hasn’t existed since 1999 and if it comes back it likely will only be a cheap imitation.

What I craved this day, and what I’ve craved dozens of times since 1999, is a Monster Milkshake. For those familiar with this blog and Bridgeport’s Ray Blake you know exactly what I’m talking about.

More than once, I’ve written about the locally and probably state famous Canteen Restaurant that Blake owned and operated with gusto from the time he acquired it in 1953 until it closed nearly a half a century later.  He may not have realized it, but Blake was an innovator.
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