Owners of Stonewall Coffee Shop are the New Owners of Bake-N-Memories in Bridgeport

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | May 26, 2018
by Jeff Toquinto.  Sometimes, an opportunity is sitting right beside. Sometimes it proves to be a very sweet opportunity, and in this case it was literally an opportunity right beside Kevin Zakariasen and literally a sweet one.
Zakariasen, who serves on the Life Choice Board of Directors with President Doug Sands, knew of Sands and his wife’s business – the former Bake-N-Memories – that was no longer in operation outside of sales to a few area businesses.
Ettica Sands, who opened the beloved bakery just beyond the Simpson Creek Covered Bridge and across from the Bridgeport Detachment of the West Virginia State Police in 2003, had decided she wanted to spend more time with her family and grandchildren. Because of that, Sands retired and Bake-N-Memories primarily became just that – a memory.
That all changed thanks to a simple conversation between Zakariasen and Doug Sands. And the conversation started because Zakariasen and his wife Sarah, both owners and operators of the successful Stonewall Coffee in Clarksburg, know a thing or two about business.
And they knew Bake-N-Memories located on Murphys Run Road was a good business that came to an end not because it was failing, but because of family commitments.
“They had such a good business and such a good reputation that I mentioned to Doug that we were interested in acquiring the business,” Zakariasen said. “At the time, he said they had a deal in the works. I told him if it possibly fell through to give me a call.”
It wasn’t long after that when Zakariasen’s phone rang. In short order, a deal was done and back in business and soon to have an official ribbon cutting is Bake-N-Memories in its newest formation, which is Baking Memories.
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