New "Twinkles & Sprinkles" bakery expected to open soon on Main Street

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | August 04, 2018
By Jeff Toquinto.   When Bridgeport’s Christy Shaffer lost her job in January, she fell back into something that she’s been interested in most of her life and something she’s wanted to do for the last 17 years. That fallback has proven to be a catapult that has not only got her back in the employment field, but opening her very first business.
Later this month, or perhaps in September, Shaffer will bring Main Street its newest place to satisfy a portion of your appetite. Twinkles and Sprinkles, LLC, will be bring what is described as a small scale bakery that does customized cakes, cake pops, and more to its customer base in the manner they want.
Not a bad situation for someone whose future was uncertain only a few months ago. However, Shaffer said she leaned on her faith and that faith has been rewarded.
“This, for sure, had turned into a blessing because God has opened so many doors for me,” Shaffer, who has been a city resident for the last five years, said. “I needed equipment and a baker went out of business in southern West Virginia and I purchased their equipment. A girl starting up a Web site business called me out of the blue to help me get started on a Web site for free and there’s so many other things as well. Everything has been falling into place.”
While she's thought about it for 17 years, Shaffer's love of backing go back to childhood. In fact, it was her mother Becky Hill who got her interested.
“I remember standing on a stool in the kitchen at a very young age baking with my mom and fell in love with baking. I love making people happy with the desserts I create to celebrate their special occasion," said Shaffer.
Now, she plans on making plenty of others happy with her  new business that will be situated at 353 East Main Street, which is located by The Vintage Shoppe and the Riversong Spa. The building is the former Peakwealth Management building operated by Keith Dumas.
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