Federal Lawsuit Claims Clarksburg Hilton Garden Inn Developer Owes Nearly $19 Million

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | February 10, 2018
A recently-filed federal lawsuit contends West Virginia developer William Abruzzino is personally responsible for $18,822,851.95 on the defaulting Hilton Garden Inn in Morgantown.
The lenders filed a breach of contract lawsuit Feb. 2 in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.
The lawsuit contends Abruzzino and his wife Rebecca have violated the terms of their personal guarantee on the loan.
A similar lawsuit filed in October held the Abruzzinos personally responsible for $17 million for the loan on another of their developments, the Crossings Mall in Elkview.
Lawyers for the Abruzzinos filed a response in that case on Jan. 31, denying the claims and countering that the lenders have acted in bad faith.
The Abruzzinos have had developments floundering over the past couple of years in a variety of West Virginia communities.
The troubles even hit two Abruzzino-owned Elkins shopping centers that foreclosed and were sold at auction for $10 million this past week.
More prominent have been defaulting hotels in Morgantown, Clarksburg, Elkins and Elkview that have been in bankruptcy and in litigation.
The State of West Virginia, as well as county and local governments, has been trying to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes that were collected from customers but not passed on.
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