Bankrupt Owners of Clarksburg Hilton Garden Inn Owe $100's of Thousands in Back Taxes

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | November 27, 2017
Lawyers for the State Tax Department are asking for a federal bankruptcy case over a defaulting Morgantown hotel to be transferred from a Florida courtroom to West Virginia, accusing the hotel owner of “blatant forum shopping.”
Meanwhile, in a separate but related case, the plaintiffs in a lawsuit over defaulting hotels in Clarksburg and Morgantown object to the State Tax Department trying to enter the proceedings.
The cases are all related. The hotels are owned by investment groups headed by developer William Abruzzino, a Shinnston native who now lives in Florida.
Earlier this month, the state Tax Department took legal action in two cases involving the hotels to claim more than a million dollars in consumer sales taxes that were collected but never passed on to the state.
Lawyers for the state filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit over a Hilton Garden Inn in Morgantown.
They followed up by filing to intervene in a lawsuit over a Hilton Garden Inn in Clarksburg and a Hampton Inn in Elkins.
The state claims it is owed $587,000 in taxes that were collected over several years by the Morgantown hotel but then not passed on. The total that should have been passed on by the Clarksburg and Elkins hotels is even greater, $720,000.
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