Alek Marinaro and Oliverio brothers open "The Social Tap" at the Old Green Acres site

By Local News | April 28, 2017
It’s a familiar place. There are some familiar names behind this new business as well.

And if you are familiar with the location and those individuals who are opening up the area’s newest establishment, it’s very possible you know the business in question involves food.

Welcome Bridgeport, Harrison County and North Central West Virginia to “The Social Tap” restaurant and bar.

Operated by three city residents, the new business is located above Via Veneto on Route 58 near the intersection with Platinum Drive (the old Green Acres site). The business is located where the Veranda operated after opening back in 2011.

So who’s running the show?

Bridgeport residents and BHS alums – and brothers – Patrick and Tre Oliverio along with city resident and Notre Dame High School alum Alek Marinaro. The Oliverio names, in particular, are synonymous with food service in Bridgeport and beyond.

“I’ve been in the restaurant business for the last 10 years and Tre and Alek have been involved for a handful of years. What’s odd is that while we wanted to branch out on our own, you can tell we’re not completely out of the family business because of where our establishment is located,” said Patrick. “We were just ready to try something on our own and we think this concept is one that will fit the area.”

Already people are finding out about that fit. The Social Tap had a soft opening March 30 through April 1 and then had a grand opening April 4. Patrick Oliverio said they wanted to make sure staff was trained properly under moderate conditions and also get feedback from those visiting the restaurant in the early going to improve things.

There was, however, one problem.

“Those first few days I really wanted some negative feedback so we could be able to fix some things, but we didn’t get any,” said Patrick. “I’ve been around long enough to know that we’ll have that type of feedback, but it was good in those first few days to see we were heading in the right direction.”
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