WV Attorney General Morrisey Urging Trump to Lift Transgender Rule for Public Schools

By Local News | March 09, 2017
West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is supporting the Trump administration’s decision to lift federal guidelines that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identities.
In a statement Thursday, Morrisey said he applauds the move, adding policies on this matter should be left to states.
The guidelines were put in place in May 2016 by the Departments of Education and Justice under the Obama administration. Both departments at the time emphasized the importance of Title IX, a federal law that prevents schools from discriminating against students because of their sex.
A federal judge last year put a hold on the order after 13 states – including West Virginia – sued over the guidance.
Morrisey sent state and county education officials in May and August 2016 about fighting the policy and protecting school funding.
“As we’ve been saying, these matters are best handled at the state and local level,” Morrisey said. “We’ve been pleased to lead the nation on the issue and to have played an important part in protecting the states’ proper role in determining educational policy.”
Morrisey also said the directive could have threatened almost $56 billion in federal funds for schools that refused to comply.
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