Urban Renewal Authority Approves $400,000 in Contracts for Structure Demolition in City

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | January 13, 2018
The contract signing for the asbestos abatement and demolition of various structures throughout the city took place in the City Manager’s Conference Room in November.  Seen here is Anthony Secret, a member of the Aurhotity charged with administering the city's demolition and abatement program.
The contracts were part of Clarksburg Urban Renewal Authority’s $400,000 demolition program and the City’s TIF (Tax Increment Financing) to address more than 80 structures regarded as “slum or blight” throughout Clarksburg.
Clarksburg Urban Renewal Authority approved the following contracts at their November 2, 2017 meeting:
— Contract 1, abatement and demolition, awarded to Reclaim Company LLC, Fairmont, $48,075.
— Contract 2, demolition, awarded to Anderson Excavating LLC, Morgantown, $39,770.
— Contract 3, demolition, awarded to Reclaim, $35,100.
— Contract 4, abatement and demolition, Reclaim, $18,250.
— Contract 5 and 7, abatement only, Safeco Environmental Services, Pennsylvania, $25,675 and $49,720, respectively.
— Contract 6, abatement only, Anderson, $35,150.
Clarksburg City Council approved the following contract at their November 2, 2017 meeting:
-TIF (Tax Increment Financing) Contract, Reclaim Company, LLC, Fairmont $49,325
City Manager Martin Howe stated, “With the awarding and signing of the contracts, the Urban Renewal Authority and City are very eager to have these demolitions completed.  The City Public Works crews will also be providing demolition of approximately 27 structures.”
MS4 Director Director Adam Barberio stated, “We are excited to see this program moving forward.  Removing slum and blighted structures is a benefit to all of our communities.”
Reclaim will immediately begin asbestos abatement of the structures within their contracts and they began razing the structures on December 4, 2017.
Stantec Engineering provided services for the bid specification and certifying of the bids for both the Urban Renewal Authority and the City. 

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