Supreme Court Impeachment Process Begins Thursday; Del. Ben Queen is on Committee

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | July 08, 2018

The House of Delegates' legislative committee considering impeachment charges related to the state Supreme Court plans to reconvene this coming Thursday.

Delegate Ben Queen, a freshman legislator, is a member of the committee considering the impeachment of one or more members of the Supreme Court.  Queen is the only member of the impeachment committee from Harrison County.

Although Justice Allen Loughry has received the most attention and faces federal charges, the Legislature is considering the full Supreme Court.

The House of Delegates would bring impeachment charges, and the Senate would serve as a jury.

The impeachment process began June 26 when the full House of Delegates gave its Judiciary Committee the power to remain in session and investigate.

The committee met immediately that afternoon, starting with an overview of its duties. Then it recessed to give staff time to get organized, gather documentation and prepare witness lists.

John Shott

Now, starting next Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee will get back together for three days, including Saturday, according to a memo sent by Judiciary Chairman John Shott, R-Mercer.

The plan calls for the committee to then recess until the following Thursday, July 19, when it will convene for another three days, including that Saturday.

“Further scheduling will depend on how fast and thoroughly the process proceeds,” Shott wrote in the memo, which was distributed to delegates on the committee.

A team of managers also was named to oversee the process and, potentially, to be responsible for a trial in the state Senate.

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