Rick Rock and NCWV Airport Authority Very Pleased with Record-Breaking Year in 2018

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | January 06, 2019
No one has to tell North Central West Virginia Airport Director Rick Rock or Airport Authority President Ron Watson about tough times at the Bridgeport facility. Both were on hand when things were about as dismal as it could get from a flight operations standpoint following 9/11.
Perhaps that’s why Rock was thrilled to report to the Authority, the airport’s governing body, that 2018 was a historic year. Rock’s discussion, which saw Watson with a pretty big smile on his face, came during the Authority’s final 2018 meeting back on Dec. 19.
“At one time it was always about that we needed to get to 10,000 enplanements. I’m excited to say that, up through Nov. 30, we were just nine (passengers) short of 35,000 enplanements,” said Rock, which is a 52 percent increase over last year.
As of the end of the year, the numbers are likely higher. As of Wednesday, Rock did not yet have definitive numbers for the year, but said they were above 38,000.
The reason Rock mentioned 10,000 wasn’t arbitrary. The number of passengers needs to be reached in order to qualify for $1 million in FAA AIP (Airport Improvement Projects) money that is awarded by reaching that passenger total.
“We just broke a 40-year mark,” he said. “We hadn’t broken 30,000 enplanements since 1979 and certainly haven’t been at 35,000 since 1978. Our next goal is surpass the number that I have looked at for years – 42,000 – which we did in 1978.”
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