MetroNews Poll: 67% of West Virginians Support Passage of $1.6 Billion Road Bond

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | September 06, 2017
By Brad McElhinny - WV MetroNews.  The upcoming vote on a West Virginia road bond stands a good chance of passage based on the results of the latest MetroNews West Virginia Poll.
But the real question is: Of all those who say they intend to vote on the bond issue, how many will actually follow up and do so?
West Virginia voters go to the polls on Oct. 7 on the road bond. Voters will be asked to allow the state to sell bonds to finance as much as $3 billion in road projects to be paid off with fee and tax increases already approved by the Legislature and signed into law by the governor.
An overwhelming number of those interviewed for the statewide poll say they intend to vote in favor of the bond’s passage.
Even the professional pollster who designed the questions, Rex Repass, has his doubts.
“We know that’s not going to happen,” Repass said in a telephone interview.
“I think citizens will say ‘Yes, I will vote,’ feel a responsibility to vote. But the reality is, even in general elections, turnout is not what it was in the past.'”
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