Jimbo Fisher Leaving Florida State for $75 Million Package Offered by Texas A&M

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | December 03, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- ESPN:  Florida State athletic director Stan Wilcox said Saturday the reason Jimbo Fisher left for Texas A&M is because the Seminoles simply could not compete with the Aggies' finances.

Fisher resigned Friday and did not coach in the Seminoles' 42-10 win over Louisiana Monroe on Saturday. Instead, he will be introduced Monday as Texas A&M's coach after receiving what sources previously told ESPN is a 10-year deal worth a guaranteed $75 million.

Even though Fisher has, at times, complained about the pace at which facilities were being built at Florida State, Wilcox spoke highly of his former coach.

"Jimbo is one of the top coaches in the country. ... I'm worried if I have a coach that's not being pursued every year. So every year, he's being pursued. It finally got to the point where there was a pursuit out there that we couldn't match," Wilcox said.

"We're working on it. We're getting there. The ACC Network is going to be up in '19, so there will be additional resources coming into Florida State, just as all the other ACC schools, so at some point in time we may have the resources Texas A&M has, but it got to a point where a school came calling and they basically allowed Jimbo to make history and we just weren't able to do that here."

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