Help Needed as Effort Afoot to Honor the Late Legendary County Athlete Bobby Secret

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | May 15, 2018
Tara Secret-Seckman still remembers the faces. She remembers the kindness. She remembers the words and the emotions just after Christmas this past year as they laid her father, Robert “Bobby” Secret, to rest.

She’s certain her sister Ashlee Secret-Barkley remembers. And she’s certain her mother Sharon does as well.

It’s all still very fresh and, in many cases, still very raw.

Bobby Secret had passed away on Christmas Eve. He was still a robust 74-year-old still making impacts on lives well beyond his Clarksburg residence and more than likely the county and state he called home. It was hammered home to the family, in the best ways possible, time and time again during the funeral services for Secret.

“I remember during the viewing a high school baseball player came up to our family and said that his own father didn’t make it all of his games, but my father made it to all of his games and encouraged him,” said Seckman. “The young man came by himself. There were so many wonderful things said, but that moment just stood out.”

There’s a reason for that. It defined Bobby Secret the man. It defined who he was as a human being. For decades, Secret was often defined by many for his athletic skills (which was never a bad thing) and as impressive as those feats were they paled to what he was as a father, a brother, a husband, a grandfather, a friend and so much more.
For those not in that immediate social circle, a rather large one for Bobby Secret, they may have still heard his name because of those athletics. Mention the greatest athletes in Harrison County history and his name is on the short list. The 1960 Washington Irving graduate, who ended up with a football scholarship to Notre Dame was – by every account I’ve ever heard – that good.

When he passed away, the stories fired up once again about his athletic exploits. So, too, did the stories of his kindness and friendship.
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