Grapevine: Fighting Cancer Starts with Family, Friends and a Positive Attitude

By Rosalyn Queen Alonso | January 13, 2018
It has been some time now since I've written the Grapevine on a regular basis. But I'm glad to be back.
As many of you know, my cancer has returned.  I spent Thanksgiving at Cleveland Clinic with some wonderful surgeons and oncologists.  And I must say that the Clinic's Thanksgiving dinner was delicious.
Working with my local doctors here at UHC, Cleveland Clinic has prescribed a year of chemotherapy treatments - a couple of times a month.  I will take the treatments at UHC so I can stay close to my home.  And of course the care and attention I get from the folks at UHC is fantastic.
This week I completed my second treatment.  Of course there are some uncomfortable moments during and after treatments.  But I have a wonderful support network of family and friends who have been helping me.
It is still safe for me to drive although I don't like to drive at night.  Of course, I didn't like to do that when I was perfectly healthy.
I'll keep you posted on my progress and I am so appreciative of your prayers and well wishes. It is important for me and everyone fighting cancer to do so with a support network of family and friends.  It is also important to keep a positive attitude and to fight, fight, fight!
Something new is coming to Uptown Clarksburg. We will soon have a Community Bulletin Board for use by non profit groups. The electronic bulletin board will be located at the corner of Third and Washington Streets r right behind the courthouse. It will be operated by the Progressive Women's Association.
We started this project back in the fall when a survey pointed out that we needed to promote daily activities and since this corner has a heavy concentration of traffic this would be the ideal location for the bulletin board. We started a campaign to get help to purchase and construct the sign.  Thanks to the generous support from the City of Clarksburg and Deep Well Oil & Gas Company and a private donation we were able to purchase the sign and it is now under construction. Look for the announcement of the ribbon cutting very soon. We will also release information about submitting announcements for your organization.
My heart is very heavy with the passing of several of my friends. It is never a good time to lose a loved one but it is especially hard during the holidays. My condolences to the family of Irene Malcolm Defazio, Perry Skinner, Rod Ferrusso and Terry Greaver.
Several days before Christmas I was in Kroger's and I ran into Bobbie Secret. We have been such good friends for a long time and we have cheered each other on through our illnesses. I got the big bear hug Bobby was famous for and a few words of encouragement from him. After I learned of his passing I can still close my eyes and feel the warmth of his hug. I will miss seeing him and Sharon in church and I send my love to his family.
I could hardly believe when I received the news about Marry Ann Tiano. The PWA honored Mary Ann as a Women of Distinction in October. It was wonderful to spend time with her. I just always thought she would be there but now she is gone. I have stayed away from visiting the funeral home I cannot take a chance on catching the flu  right now. These individuals are in my thoughts and prayers. Remember we never know who will be next so surround yourself with those we love and our friends.
I truly had one of the best Christmas holidays I have ever had. I never thought I would be saying that having been told in October that my cancer was back.
I want to share with you that we all agreed the pita piata were the best ever and the saliata mushrooms and the peppers in sauce just added to,our celebration. We had our feast of the fishes at Myron Marty's on Christmas Eve and my daughter Leslie hosted Christmas Day dinner with everyone present. On New Years Eve day Lisa hosted a dinner for all the Burnett relatives and my two sisters, Joan and Cathy, and my brother Bill and all their families were in attendance.  There were about 45 of us in all. I do not remember enjoying a gathering as much as I did this.
For the present time during my treatments,  I am staying with Leslie. Thanks again for all the prayers and cards. Keep in touch and until next week "Now You Have Heard It Through The

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