Grapevine: Valentine's Day is always a special day for me!

By Rosalyn Queen Alonso | February 14, 2017
Valentine's Day comes and goes as do the many gifts and cards we receive.  Valentine's Day is always a special day for me.  Fifty one years go I received a great Valentines gift with the birth of my twin  daughters, Lisa and Leslie.  Not many of us get gifts that last a lifetime. 
So my wish for you on this Valentines Day that you allow those special little some ones find a place in you heart that will last a lifetime. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday to Leslie and Lisa.
This past week Dave and I bid a final farewell to our friend, Arnet Burnside. We will surely miss him as I know his many friends will. Our sympathy to his family on his passing.
I want to remind you that Lent will soon be here and this always a good time you to renew your faith in our selves and for others.  Give some thought as to what you might do for yourself and for others.  This is always a good time to enjoy those meatless meals and with a little planning you can prepare some great meals for you and your family.
You can always rely on the egg.  Keep them boiled in the refrigerator for a quick sandwich or as a compliment to your salad.
I want you to keep me posted if anyone of you got the anise seed.  I know it will not be ready for this Easter bread season, but maybe next year.
Just a reminder that garden time will soon be her and yes we will be able to have a garden at our new home.
Keep in touch with me and until next week "Now  You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine."

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