Sheriff Matheny still not able to release names of victims from last week's crash on Rt.19

By Local News | December 26, 2017
The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating the cause of a single vehicle accident last week that claimed the lives of four people.
Sheriff Robert Matheny said the car was traveling southbound on U.S. 19 and went over an embankment into a river at the intersection with Meadowbrook Road. The crash occurred about 9:45 at night.
“It appears that the vehicle crossed the center line where it struck another vehicle that was parked at a car lot and unoccupied,” he said. “The car then hit a fence pole and then went airborne over the embankment.”
Though Matheny wasn’t sure the exact distance the car traveled down the embankment, he said it was “a significant distance.”
Names of the victims are still not being released by the Sheriff.
“We have not made positive ID on all of the occupants at this point,” Lt. Rob Waybright told the WAJR News Network. “They’ve been sent to Charleston for autopsy and the investigation is ongoing.”

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