Rick Rock announces seven additional weeks of flights from Benedum to Orlando, Florida

By Local News | March 01, 2017
For those of you wondering when there would be more flights out of Bridgeport’s North Central West Virginia Airport, there’s some good news. NCWV Airport Director Rick Rock has confirmed that additional destination flights have been added and will start this year.

While the flights aren’t for a new destination, they are several weeks of additional flights added to the highly popular existing destination flight to Orlando-Sanford International Airport. What that means is more opportunities to fly to Florida and back than previous years.

“We have been given seven weeks of additional flights this year to add to our existing Thursday and Sunday flights,” said Rock. “A few of the weeks will be in April and then a few more weeks will be added to our schedule in June and July.”

The additional opportunities, Rock said, is likely proof that their destination partner – Allegiant Airlines – continues to be pleased with the numbers coming from the NCWV Airport. Since the Orlando flight was first announced, Allegiant has added more months to the schedule and now, several weeks of new flights on an additional day. The carrier also added – and has since expanded – a destination flight during warmer weather months to Myrtle Beach.

“This is a result of work with them that we do through our consultant and conversations we have face to face with them at their annual conference and conversations we regularly have with them by phone,” said Rock. “They’re pleased with our flight numbers and when you do well it’s an easier task to add to what you have and we hope it makes it easier to convince Allegiant to add more flights.

Part of that attempt to convince Allegiant to add flights will begin in April. Rock will attend the annual conference in Las Vegas that starts April 22. At the top of the list of things to handle are maintaining the existing services, followed by expanding on the Orlando and Myrtle Beach flights as well as potentially adding another one.
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