"I stepped in when our city needed me" - Greer says he'll not run for mayor of Bridgeport

By Local News | January 17, 2017
By Jeff Toquinto.  Bridgeport will have a new mayor in 2017. And that has nothing to do with a prediction that current Mayor Robert “Bob” Greer – who had already confirmed he would be filing to run for an elected position – will fail in his bid to complete a second term. 

Rather, Greer confirmed today that he is filing for the 2017 election. However, Greer will be filing to run for one of the three seats on City Council. That means the position of mayor, a position Greer was appointed to in September of 2014, will be open.

So why not running for the mayor’s post?

“As much as I’ve enjoyed my role as mayor and the trust the citizens have put in me, there has been a cost to my family and my business in filling that role. There’s a lot more to being the mayor than just running two Council meetings a month and cutting ribbons for new businesses,” said Greer. “What I’ve decided to do in running for Council is in the best interest of myself, my family, my business and, ultimately, the city. It is now open for someone that serve in the capacity that the position requires.”

As mayor, Greer chairs the Bridgeport Utility Board, serves on the North Central West Virginia Airport Authority, the Greater Bridgeport Convention and Visitors Bureau board, the Bridgeport Development Authority and represents Bridgeport on the Harrison County Economic Development Corporation and Harrison County Mayors’ Association.

“Those are positions the mayor is obligated to either sit on or in some cases to serve as the chair,” said Greer. “There are others that I’m involved with, which I believe are important to the city. I will continue to work on them, or others where a newly elected mayor may assign me as time allows, if I’m fortunate enough to be voted to a Council seat by the resident of the city.”

If elected, Greer would also be the next president of the West Virginia Municipal League. Currently, he serves as vice president. Greer said no one from the city has ever been president of the Municipal League.

“While that’s important, there are a number of projects I’d like to see continue and help move forward as a member of Council,” said Greer.
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