Grapevine: Happy for the Philadelphia Eagles....but I still love the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Many of my friends know that I especially enjoy watching sports and my favorite would be football. So most of Sunday afternoon I got ready to watch the Super Bowl. I watched the game with Leslie and Dixon.
We had wings, pizza, wiener snacks and all the side dishes. We had been invited out but I have not been going out much for fear that I will come in contact with the flu. Getting back to the game, I kept see sawing back and forth as to who I wanted to win the game. I thought Brady deserved his sixth ring.  I also thought how nice it would be for the Eagles should win their first. You all know that I am a Steeler fan but we were treated to some great football last night.
Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles. And how about West Virginia getting to enjoy a little of the limelight with Woody Williams participating in the coin toss.  I was so proud.
Now I am getting excited about watching the Olympics. I guess if I have to be sick and confined to the house this is the time to do it. I will be glued to the television for the next several weeks.
I really enjoy all the competition but my favorites would be skating. I am so in awe of all those competitors and how much of their lives they dedicate to these games. I also praise their families and all the sacrifice they make for these kids. Our American athletes certainly make us proud. I hope you will join me in cheering on our athletes if only in front of the television.
Cancer Update.....This past week I had to shave off all my hair. Thank heaven I saved my turbines and am now coordinating them to match my outfits. Because that's what us ladies fighting this terrible disease like to do.  The weekly treatments are taking their toll on me, especially my strength. I look forward to only six more weekly treatments and then we will move to a treatment every three weeks. Some where down the line I will have another PET scan and then we will know just what is going on inside this old body of mine.
I did learn something I did not know this past week.  My blood level showed that my potassium was low so I went in search of potassium rich foods besides bananas. I am now eating water melon, sweet potatoes and green vegetables. Next week I will learn if they are working.
A happy birthday to Charnelle McIntyre, Cheryl Mihaulic, my grandson Ben Queen, Mary Barnett and all those February babies.
The reports about the flu are not getting any better. Be careful and take care of yourself. Thanks for all the beautiful cards and until next week, "Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine."

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