Dr. Manchin cancels school in Harrison County for Tuesday, March 6th

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | March 05, 2018
Harrison County School Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin has announced that school will be closed Tuesday, March 6. The closure is due to the ongoing strike by educators and service personnel in the school system.

Tuesday will make the 9th day for the strike.  Teachers and school personnel have asked the legislature to help cure problems with the Public Employees Insurance Agency which provides health insurance for all state, county and municipal employees.  They are also asking for pay raises to help West Virginia be competitive with surrounding states.
For now, it appears as if the legislature has approved a temporary fix the PEIA.  The House of Delegates passed legislation creating a panel of 23 individuals to study PEIA and to recommend long term solutions to keeping premiums low and affordable.
Last week, the House of Delegates passed a proposal by Governor Jim Justice to give troopers, teachers and school employees a 5% pay raise.  All other state employees would receive a 3% pay raise.
When the proposal went to the State Senate, the Senate approved a proposal to include the same raise for all employees at the rate of 4%.
Teacher and school personnel unions objected to the proposal and have opted to remain on strike as opposed to agreeing to a 4% raise for all employees. 

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