Democrats Challenge to Governor Justices' Residency Goes to Court on Monday

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | August 26, 2018

The next go-round over where the governor puts his head down is Monday in front of a judge.

Democrat Party leader and Delegate Isaac Sponaugle filed a lawsuit in June over whether Gov. Jim Justice is living up to the state Constitution’s requirement that the chief executive reside at the seat of government.

Justice has acknowledged continuing to live in Lewisburg, a couple of hours from the Capitol. He says he can get his work done wherever he is and adds that he doesn’t need the perk of the Governor’s Mansion. But he hasn’t made a constitutional argument.

Motions have flown back and forth between Sponaugle and the governor’s defense team.

Now, at 10:30 a.m. Monday, Kanawha Circuit Judge Charles King will hear the first of those motions.

The lawyers for the governor want the case to be dismissed. They also say they shouldn’t have to provide information about the governor’s habits because, they believe, the likelihood of dismissal is so high.

Sponaugle, a Democrat from Hardy County who filed the lawsuit as a citizen of West Virginia, disagrees on both of those.

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