Democrat Party using PEIA, pay issue to scare teachers into donating to their campaigns

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | February 03, 2018
The WV State Democrat Party is taking advantage of the recent teacher walk-out and attempting to exploit a controversial vote in the House of Delegates on Thursday.  
In an email to teachers and Democrat loyalists on Friday, the Democrat Party is suggesting that donations to their organization will help secure pay raises for teachers (see email below). Donations to the Democrat Party actually goe to the organization's campaign efforts to help elect Democrats to the legislature.
On Thursday of this week, the Democrat members the House of Delegates attempted to use a little known parlimentary rule they've told teachers would have given teachers a pay raise.  In reality, the vote had nothing to do with actually giving a payraise.  
The motion to dischage a bill from the Finance Committee was orchestrated to take place in front of some 400 teachers seated in the House gallery.  The teacher's pay raise bill was introduced weeks ago but the Democrat leadership in the House waited until teachers from several counties walked out out of their classrooms in frustration to rally at the state capitol. Over the last two weeks, several Democrat leaders in both the House and the Senate have been encouraging teachers to actually strike.
House Speaker Tim Armstead, a Republican, said that the Democrat motion in the House of Delegates was nothing more than election-year political posturing knowing that the motion would fail.  The Democrat Party then quickly sent out their email blaming the Republicans and soliciting donations to the Party (below).
The Democrats in the House of Delegates have never offered a plan to pay for the teacher pay raises.  In addition, they have never introduced legislation in support of pay raises for correctional employees, DOH employees or other state employees.
The Democrats in the House of Delegates have never offered a proposal to help fund the payraises or to help fix the problems with PEIA.
Armstead said that there would be pay raises for all public employees and there would be a solution to PEIA.  However, he challenged the Democrats to work with the Republicans to find a bi-partisan solution.
Here is the email the Democrat Party sent out on Friday:

Fellow Democrat,
Today HUNDREDS of you came out to the Capitol in support of funding PEIA and providing a good pay raise for teachers and school service personnel. We cannot tell you how immensely proud we are to stand with teachers, school service personnel, and all West Virginia workers today and every day.
Yesterday Republicans voted against a pay raise for teachers, school service personnel, and fellow state workers when Democrats wanted to give them a respectable raise-- & TODAY you said, "Enough is enough!"
We stand with our teachers and we know that YOU DO TOO.
Hundreds of you showed up physically today, but thousands of you tuned in to show your support on our live feed! We're just heating up!  
Join us by donating today and stand with our teachers, school service personnel, troopers, state employees, and all West Virginia workers.
State leadership is falling apart under Republican control and our teachers and workers are getting the brunt of it. It's not right and we need your help to elect Democrats to fight for West Virginia workers and our children.

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