After 15 years, WV Lottery will end the Hot Lotto game; Other changes being made

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | October 28, 2017

Several changes will be made to games at the West Virginia Lottery beginning Saturday.

The Lottrry is ending the Hot Lotto game after 15 years. The game is being discontinued because of overall declining play.

Hot Lotto, which is currently played in 14 states, will be replaced with a new game in November called Lotto America.

Randy Burnside, public relations manager for the state Lottery, said Lotto America will be a lot like Hot Lotto, but it should offer larger jackpots that grow faster.

“One of the things that we heard from players about Hot Lotto is that it took a long time for that jackpot to grow because it growed in small increments, so the Lotto America game should offer players those faster growing jackpots that they like to see,” he said.

Burnside said they’re also redesigning the Mega Millions game. The starting jackpots will more than double from $15 million to $40 million.

“You’re going to see more million-dollar winners the way the new price structure is set up with the Match 5. It’ll be very similar to the Powerball game,” Burnside said.

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