UHC announces "Josie's Hope" - A new drug treatment program for pregnant mothers

By Local News | July 09, 2017
When Josie D'Annunzio Faix was contacted recently by an official from United Hospital Center, she wasn’t totally alarmed. When you’re deeply involved for a long time on very high and personal levels at the facility, dealing with and hearing from individuals on a regular basis is commonplace.

This encounter, however, was different. It practically left Faix speechless.

Robert Williams, Ph.D., and director of Behavioral Health Services at United Hospital Center and Executive Director of United Summit Center had let her know they would like to put her name on a new recovery program at United Summit Center. This particular program is a special one.

The name of the program.  — Josie’s Hope. The goal of the program is to provide assistance for addicted, pregnant mothers as well as their babies. It’s a program we first reported on back on Feb. 25. At that time, however, the new program that will be situated on the top floor of the three-story building at the Market Place at Bridgeport across from UHC did not have a name.

It does now. And it’s in honor of Faix.

“I was so overwhelmed. I can think of so many other people that deserve this, but not me. I’m just a regular person,” said Faix.

Williams would disagree with Faix being “regular.” In fact, he pointed to her contributions to health care on many fronts for decades as a reason she was the choice.


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