UHC Announces "People Mover" for Patients and Visitors

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | March 02, 2019
It’s been in the planning stages for a couple years and in testing mode for the past several weeks. Tuesday, United Hospital Center’s “People Mover” was released for full-time use.
During daylight hours Monday through Friday, the newly purchased vehicle is available to transport individuals from the UHC parking lot to all buildings on the hospital campus. Return rides, as well as transportation between buildings is also available. Manned by volunteers, the first day went smoothly as many were given lifts to and from their medical destinations.
The battery-powered enclosed golf cart, equipped with heating and air conditioning, was purchased by the Auxiliary to UHC with proceeds from the 2018 Winter Ball and thereafter donated to UHC, said Carole Moodispaugh, auxiliary president.
The vehicle had been placed on the UHC wish list after a need was discovered, said Denise Steffich, director of volunteer services.
“We had discovered that there were many things happening. As busy as the hospital is on some days, it’s hard to find a place to park and people who really needed handicap parking end up parking in the fourth or fifth rows of the parking lot and have difficulty getting into the hospital,” she said. “We also discovered people were being dropped off at the main building who actually needed to go to Orthopaedics or Mountaineer Medical Office Building and then their ride was gone. We decided we needed to do something about it.”
The service is free and available to anyone visiting any building on the hospital campus, including the Physicians’ Office Building, Orthopaedics & Pain Management, Neurosurgery & Spine Center, Urology, Cecil B. Highland, Jr. & Barbara B. Highland Cancer Center and Mountaineer Medical Office Building.
“Basically, it is driven around the parking lot to see if anyone needs a ride, then comes back to the main entrance for five to 10 minutes before going back out,” Steffich said.
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