School Closures Go Into Eighth Consecutive Day as House & Senate Debate Pay Raise

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | March 04, 2018
West Virginia’s Legislature, still at a standoff over pay raises for educators, has set up a committee to try to reach a resolution.
But the Senate and the House of Delegates are so dug in, doubts are already apparent over whether the conference committee will be able to reach agreement.
With school in West Virginia out for seven days already because of a statewide strike, the deadlock in the Legislature is over 1 percent.
It’s an amount described as about $13 million out of the state’s general fund of more than $4 billion.
The raise is actually a flat rate. Each percentage point for teachers actually amounts to an additional $404 a year.
So for teachers the debate is a difference between an additional $1,616 a year or $2,020.
Yet the situation is tangled.
Gov. Jim Justice this past Tuesday proposed an average 5 percent pay increase for West Virginia educators. One night later, the House suspended rules and passed a bill reflecting that amount, 98-1.
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Photo cutline:  Several members of the House of Delegates made a rare visit to the Senate Chamber late into the evening on Saturday.  House members like Harrison County's Ben Queen (standing far right) want to work with fellow legislators to end the statewide strike that has idled West Virginia's public school system.

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