Krystian's Kolumn: The Search is On for New WV Reporter for Lady Gaga's Channel Kindness

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | October 03, 2017
1 year = 365 Opportunities
Positivity starts with your decision to see the good in any situation. Looking on the bright side of life isn’t  always easy, but truly needed. With so much negative news and tragedy, we can take the good that is around us for granted.
In the past I have had the honor of representing wonderful organizations and visit nonprofits that have a positive impact in my community. Learning about our local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and SADD groups gave me a greater appreciation for the work and dedication these individuals show on a daily basis to keep these nonprofits growing. With my own nonprofit work that appreciation on grew as I challenged each day to manage and maximize our footprint and ultimately the good we can do for others.
This past year as a Channel Kindness Reporter gave me the opportunity to share some of those stories I see and am inspired by, in my own community and state of West Virginia. I came with zero experience, and only a heart to serve and the drive to work and learn.
As one of 50 reporters from across the nation I was asked numerous times, how did you get in? A friend from California nominated me, I completed the application and in December of last year I was accepted!
And this week I hope I can nominate you!
If you are between the ages of 16 and 24 and you are reading this, and dreaming for a chance at reporting for Lady Gaga and mom Cynthia Germanotta’s nonprofit "Born This Way Foundation", then click the link attached and apply. There is zero experience needed!
My time as a reporter will sadly end in December. I have one story pending publishing, one in editing now and my last will be filmed in October. I cannot wait for you all to see the remaining stories.  
If you would like to see what Channel Kindness is all about head over to their website at
My year began with traveling to NYC for training on how to spot kind stories in our everyday lives, visiting and hearing from Pulitzer Prize reporters, a special tour of NBC studios and a year of opportunity to shine a light on kindness in my community. I met amazing kind hearts who are leading this organization and striving to make our world a kinder, braver place. If you have a knack for sharing and love to write or work in video submit your application today.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Krystian Leonard is the president and founder of the non-profit "Shinning S.C.A.R.S.". She is an award-wining author and a reporter for Channel Kindness.  Krystian is a graduate of Robert C. Byrd High School and attends West Virginia University. To contact Krystian, you can email her at shiningscars@gmail.comor visit

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