Krystian's Kolumn: Going back to college, living in a fun atmosphere and my dog Ludo

By Local News | August 20, 2017
“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” ~ Aristotle

If you ever wondered what it would be like to move three times in one year, just ask me. It isn’t a pretty site and not a time I would like to remember. But now almost one year later, the dust is settling and my new space is almost completely remodeled and with that came a fun creative wall that I can use for my videos and conference calls.
I debated on the cute backgrounds and watched some of the top influencers to see how they each finished their look. In the end I went with beautiful large flower blooms and sprayed them with gold shimmer. I am so excited because they remind me of those singing flowers from Alice in Wonderland! Once it was set up I added my lights and my camera and started filming my latest video.
After several attempts to catch just the right tone and get all the words right, the inevitable happened. Ludo, the best pup I could ask for, came running in to check on me. And captured on the video, were his cute little tags clinking together making a sound like two little happy bells. I tried to keep as much of my video as possible but it will have to be edited completely out. Which is frustrating, because as much as I love my little Ludo, I loved that clip! I’m adding to my Dad’s never ending house to do list:  INSTALL ‘Puppy Proof’ DOOR.

With school starting back at WVU, I have been reflecting on my summer schedule and goals that I set for myself. This year I am adding some online courses to give me some added flexibility with traveling and work for Shining Scars. I have several trips planned already for Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Entering my Junior year at West Virginia University seems so surreal. When I started I thought, this is going to take forever, and now I am looking into graduate degrees, and want to stay in school as long as possible. Which reminds of me of that cute ‘Don’t tell Dad’, commercial! Education is a valuable resource, and can come in different forms.
Just keep moving forward and enriching your life with new information, ideas and people. This has been key to me and has continued to bless my life in so many ways. You never know where your path might lead you. So for all the kiddos out there who are thinking school will never end, just remember it does end, and there are no do overs. So make it your best year yet.
Read anything you can and take time to have fun outside to keep your head clear. Respect your teachers and yourself and keep it kind.

Keep shining bright and thank you for following my journey to make our world a little brighter.
Krystian Leonard is an award einning author and the president of the non-profit organization called Shining S.C.A.R.S.  She is also a Channel Kindness reporter.

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