Grapevine: Where did all this stuff come from? Finishing the move to a smaller home

By Rosalyn Queen Alonso | January 24, 2017
It is absolutely true that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
I think that is just what we have found here at our new residence.  David and I are both very happy with our move and we are certain that this was the best decision that we could have made.  First we have great neighbors.  We have met just two families; the Randolph's and the Newcombs and we know that we are going to enjoy a long relationship with them.  As a matter of fact it appears that Anna Newcomb is a great pie maker and we really did enjoy the apple pie that she and Rick brought over the other evening.
I do not know how this happened but it appears that we now have two homes full of "things."  But with the help of friends and family we should certainly be able to get this job accomplished.  We hope to be able to have the Carriage Lane home ready for sale in the very near future.
Just as you could imagine it would happen, and as you know Murphy's law applies, we had to get a new refrigerator and now it appears we need a new dishwasher. And by next week, I hope to have a new computer so that I can get the Grapevine to you in a timely manner.  But I guess these are just minor bumps in the road.
As we get older we learn that all of these possessions are not important and that we can get rid of a lot of them and concentrate on the real things of life. I have found things that I forgot I had and do not know where they came from, but I will have to admit that it has been fun to take my time going through all this "junk." The only thing that I will miss is the front porch and the swings but I am sure that Dave will try to find a place for at least one of the swings.
I must admit that I have not been doing too much cooking but Dave did cook a delicious roast the other day and I hope to get organized enough to be able to start cooking again.  I just cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed eating soups.  For me this has been the exact weather for enjoying soup. Do not forget that you can get the best French onion soup at Oliverio's, the best pasta fagoli at Julio's and the Chinese buffet even has a good cup of vegetable soup.  Be sure to warm those bones up with a hot bowl of soup.
I want to remind you that the Progressive Women's Association of Harrison County will be celebrating Black Culture month with a luncheon celebrating Women of Color in February.  Ten Harrison County Women will be honored and the event will beheld in February.  Be sure to make your reservations early as this is always a sell out. Call 304 624 6881 for more information and for reservations.  The PWA is a United Way Agency and I urge you to support their current campaign.
Keep warm and it is still not to late to get your flu shot. Until  next week "Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine."

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