Grapevine: A trip to Stonewall Jackson Hospital and Mushrooms are plentiful this year

By Rosalyn Queen Alonso | October 07, 2017
I spent Monday of this week at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital in Weston. My cousin Ruby had knee replacement surgery and we both want to report on the wonderful care and concern the doctors and staff have demonstrated. While we were eating lunch we were surprised that the assistant administer, Mr. Stalnaker, stopped by our table to introduce himself. He wanted to know if everything was going ok and to be sure and contact him if we needed anything. It is always so nice to receive that personal care especially under these circumstances. I have also enjoyed spending the waiting time with Amy and Dave Sponaugle, Scott Oldaker, Joe Kirtner and Brother Cope.

Nationwide this month is Italian Culture Month. The Progressive Women's Association will observe this with a luncheon on Friday, October 27. The purpose of this luncheon is to honor ten Italian American women in Harrison County who have given to make our community a better place. Marie Prozioso will be the keynote speaker. Davis Funeral Home will continue to be the sponsor of this event. The Harrison County Commission issued a Proclamation on Thursday proclaiming October as Italian Culture Month. The luncheon is open to the public and information and reservations can be made by calling (304) 624-6881.

It looks like we will be able to construct our digital sign, thanks to a sponsor we have been able to secure. The tentative plans are to use this as a community bulletin board for the non profit groups in our area.  It will be located on the corner of  Third and Washington Streets located near the PWA Building (The Uptown Event Center) right behind the Harrison County Courthouse. We hope to keep it updated with daily activities in our area.

As I reported last week about the mushrooms, they are in abundance this year. Thanks to our friend John Barnett, I have my pickling crock full and am cleaning mushrooms now to can with sauce with peppers. Cleaning and preparing mushrooms is a lot of work now, but come this winter, they will be so delicious. Francis Scott sent me a mess of Swiss Chard, which ended up making a wonderful minestra.

Happy Birthday to Rose Vallelonga and a belated birthday to Becky Sprout.  And I was so pleased to spend my birthday on Friday with my children and my two sisters and brother-in-laws at Twin Oaks.  More to come on that.

Falls is here, enjoy the beautiful weather. Keep in touch with me and until next week, "Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine".

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