Former WBOY Weatherman Jason Parrish Lands Role in "Rocky" Series Called "Creed 2"

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | April 22, 2018
By Jeff Toquinto.  When you work for a television station in the news department, you play many roles and wear many hats. Former WBOY meteorologist was no exception to the rule, although his specialty was then, and remains today in a substitute role with the station, the weather.
Last weekend, Parrish was back in front of the cameras sporting a new hat. Had he actually been wearing one, it would have been an ushanka.
That, for most who probably don’t know, is the Russian fur cap that has ear flaps that are actually worn and frequently depicted being worn by Russians in movies. While Parrish didn’t actually have an ushanka on, last weekend in front of the cameras Parrish was playing the part of a Russian.
Actually, he wasn’t just a Russian. He was a somewhat wealthy Russian that managed to land VIP seating for the biggest fight in Moscow in decades. Parrish had ringside seats for the fight between Adonis Creed and Viktor Drago.
If those names don’t ring a bell or if you didn’t read Connect-Bridgeport this past weekend, you may not be sure about the fight and why Parrish traveled to Moscow.
The thing is, Parrish never made the flight across the ocean and, instead, drove up to Philadelphia to be an extra in the next segment in the “Rocky” series of movies, “Creed 2.” (
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