BLOG: 36-Year Old Cold Case Murder of Clarksburg Child Solved with Confession

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | February 25, 2018
By Jeff Toquinto.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Roger and Sharon Diaz for every second of my life that I can remember. Not because they were blood relatives, but because the Diaz family lived on the opposite corner of the street one block from me as I grew up in North View.

They were like most of my neighbors at the time in what now seems like a forgotten era. The neighbors watched out for you. They talked to you. They respected your family and your family respected them. They would give you a six-pack of pop bottles so you could have the change on the depost. Heck, most had the green light to discipline you as well.

Roger and Sharon Diaz still live in that same brick house on that same corner. Like it was when I was a kid, it remains immaculately clean with a beautiful, overflowing garden in the summer whose bounty Roger gladly shares with friends and family.

What I remember most as a kid was that Roger Diaz was a towering man. He, along with his wife, were both exceptionally kind. They were kind to everyone. The phrase “good people” was meant for them. As I approach 50, it’s still the same whenever I see them. They’re still “good people.”

Sharon Diaz was an educator who was and remains a proponent of reading. Roger, outside of his professional career, was a public servant on many fronts, including a long stint as Harrison County Commissioner. Today, he still serves on the Benedum Airport Authority where he’s played a huge part in turning the North Central West Virginia Airport into Bridgeport in the state’s fasting growing airport.

Roger and I still greet each other as “neighbor” when we see one another, almost exclusively at the Airport Authority meetings. He’ll ask about my family and I ask about his and we joke around a bit before he gets down to business.

For those thinking this is me simply waxing nostalgic about a family from my neighborhood that I grew up in, I really wish it was just that. I really wish everything what transpired that led to this blog had never happened. It goes without saying the Diaz family does too.

Instead, I’m wanting to paint as quickly as I can who Roger and Sharon Diaz are. I want you to understand that they aren’t simply a family. They are the best of families. And when you come to the end of this blog, you’ll see why they will always remain in that category.

On Wednesday, I received a press release from Harrison County Sheriff Robert Matheny. The headline read “Cold Case” and the name of the person arrested as I quickly scanned it was a William Clyde Jeffries. It didn’t ring a bell and so I began the process of getting it ready for the Web site.

As I read on, I literally went numb. The cold case was one I never thought would be brought up again. As I typed, I punched in the following: Conrad Roger “C.R.”

I stopped. I knew the next word was Diaz. I looked down and there it was. It was followed by the words he was 7 at the time he was murdered.

Suddenly, I was numb. Mentally, I was 12 years old again. This was not only something I remembered, but something I was close to back when it took place in 1981. The murder happened at a park every neighborhood kid frequented. The day it happened it simply seemed like a day where there was a kid missing and we had to find him. In fact, I was joined by Doug Sprouse and we went about searching for him like everyone else did. I remember seeing Roger and Sharon searching for their son as well along with everyone else.
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