Young entrepreneur Alessandro Cava headed to stockholders meeting in California

By Mike Queen | June 20, 2017
Most teenagers spend the summer taking advantage of being out of school.
Vacations at the beach, spending time with friends, sleeping in, summer camps, athletic practices, all star sports opportunities....and maybe even a part time job making a little bit of spending money consume the average high school student's summer.
Well, Alessandro Cava is not your average teenager.
Alessandro, his family and friends call him Sandro, is a 15-year old student at Notre Dame High School.  This summer he's playing basketball on a travel team, playing PONY League baseball and preparing for high school football.  But its what he's doing outside of practice and normal summer activities that caught our attention.
Sandro has discovered a unique interest in the stock market.  In fact, just fifteen minutes into a conversation about stocks with this personable and passionate young man and you'll conclude that his interest goes far beyond a passing fad. In fact, he seems to love it.
About four months ago, after surfing through all of the TV channels at home, Alessandro discovered a show called "Mad Money" - a national news show about the stock market hosted by a very loud talking but very knowledgeable Jim Kramer.  Did we mention that Kramer is a "screamer" when it comes to his Show?
"I like the show. I really liked the name of the show too," Alessandro told us on Tuesday.
So he continued to watch it.  Then he watched it the next day, and then the next.
"I can do that", Cava said he told himself.
The 15-year old said his interest in the stock market originated after listening to his dad over the last few years.  Sandro's father, Jim Cava, Jr., is a CPA and a very well respected business leader recognized throughout the state.  The elder Cava's businesses include interests in technology, banking, insurance, real estate and energy.
Alessandro said that his dad encouraged him to spend the time necessary to learn as much as possible about a company before he ever recommended that his family and friends purchase the company's stock.  The youngster took his dad's advice.  "As of today, my dad is my biggest client," he said.
But Alessandro is quick to define what he means when he calls his dad a "client".
"Actually, I can't have clients.  I can't charge for my advice.  Right now, I'm just doing this for fun. You need a special license to be able to charge for stock advice".
Cava is referring to a Series 7 license that the United States Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) requires of an individual before he or she can charge a client for advice as to the purchase or sale of stock.  Young Cava says he wants to become the youngest person to ever earn a Series 7 license. 
Right now, he offers his advice for free.  Some of his friends, but mostly family members, have invested a couple of hundred dollars in the picks that Alessandro researches and recommends.
Alessandro has set up a YouTube channel called "The Stock Table".  You can access the channel and ten (10) stock recommendations from the budding entrepreneur at this link:
So what does a teenager like young Cava need to do this summer to further his interest in the stock market?  Well, how about attending an annual stockholders meeting of one of the companies that he recommends as a "buy now" stock?
Last month, Sandro said that he asked his dad if he'd take him to the San Francisco, CA area this summer to attend the annual meeting of a company called Veeva Systems, Inc. ( 
Allesandro has recommended Veeva Systems not once, but twice to his YouTube followers.  And as a stockholder personally and like hundreds of other investors, young Cava was invited to attend the annual meeting.  His latest YouTube video on Veeva can be seen here:
"My dad said no.  He said no pretty quickly so I could tell that there wasn't any use in asking him again.  But he did encourage me to go ask my Uncle Dan to take me.  I think he was kidding at first.  So I went and asked my Uncle Dan to take me, and he said yes!"
"Uncle Dan" is Dan Cava, a successful entrepreneur himself who started out with a gas station in Bridgeport and who now owns Dan Cava Toyota in Fairmont and Dan's Car World in Bridgeport.  Dan's son, Santino, is one of Alessandro's "clients" who invested in Veeva Systems.
So on a beautiful Tuesday (West Virginia Day) morning while his friends and teammates are getting ready for games or a trip to the pool, Alessandro, Santino and Uncle Dan are flying to Veeva's annual shareholders meeting at the company's international headquarters in Pleasanton, CA.  Uncle Dan decided to make a family trip out of the venture and is taking his wife and the rest of his family too.  The shareholders meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.
One thing is for sure.  This is a trip that Alessandro Cava will never forget taking.  And Dan Cava just won "The Best Uncle Ever" award.
Veeva is a leader in cloud-based software used primarily by pharmaceutical companies and emerging biotechs. The company was founded in 2008 by Peter Gassner, who is a 20 year veteran in the software industry and a graduate in Computer Science from Oregon State University.
Total revenues for Veeva's fiscal year ended January 31, 2017 were $544.0 million, up from $409.2 million one year ago, an increase of 33% year-over-year.
Veeva's stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange is "Veev".  The company began trading Tuesday morning at $62.52 per share.  Alessandro said that he was really impressed with the work environment that Veeva provides for it's employees which can been seen at this link:
While at the annual meeting on Wednesday, Sandro said that he hopes to get the chance to meet and talk with the CEO of the company.  He's been in contact with the Director of Investor Relations with the company who promised a special tour of Veeva's headquarters.
Alessandro Cava is the son of Jim and Laura Cava of Bridgeport.
Photos:  (Cover) Santino Cava and Alessandro Cava on the plane headed for California. (Top) Alessandro Cava.  (Bottom) Peter Gassner, CEO of Veeva Systems, Inc.

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