WI High School graduate Mrs. Hilda Cork observes 104th birthday with friends

By Rosalyn Queen Alonso | June 19, 2017
When you see the number "104" what does it conjure up in your mind?  Maybe a mailbox, maybe a street number or maybe the balance on your cell phone bill.  But have you ever been to a birthday party where the guest of honor was observing her 104th birthday?  Well, this past weekend we helped Hilda Cork celebrate her 104th birthday.

Hilda lives near Clarksburg Country Club with a part time caretaker and a gentlemen who takes care of her farm. 
She was born in Perrysburg in Barbour County.  Her father was a member of the Coger family and her mother belonged to the Herschman clan.  When she was nine years old her family moved to Clarksburg where her father thought she and her brother would be able to get a better education.  She is a graduate of Washington Irving High School.

After graduating from high school she married Bernard Cork and they celebrated 59 years of married life before his passing. They never had any children.
When World War II broke out Bernard (his friends called him Bunn) enlisted in the service.  He was sent to Pearl Harbour. 
Hilda followed him but had to stay California.  Before West Virginia, she was employed at Hazel Atlas. Upon arriving in California, she was able to continue her work at the Hazel Atlas glass plant located there.  
When Bunn's service was over they returned to Clarksburg.  Once again, Hilda continued her employment with Hazel Atlas. 
Not long after that she went to work for Guise Engineers, an engineering firm located in Clarksburg.  She remained employed at the firm for over 20 years.  
Hilda retired from Guise and enjoyed an active social life with her husband. She and Bunn did a lot of camping and fishing.  Bunn also taught her to become a sharp shooter where she won a National Rifle Award.

She attributes her longevity to living a good life and having a strong faith.  She says she feels wonderful, has no ailments and takes no medicine.  She is as sharp as a tack and can remember most things.  She says she has just about seen it all.  She said her husband was perfect and misses his company.  She shares her life now with five cats.

She loves good food and she enjoys her wonderful friends.  One of Hilda's favorite foods is gravy and corn bread.
Many of her friends came to visit throughout the day on Sunday and even two of her school chums came from Delaware.

A reception was planned by her caretakers and her friend Leslie Pruitt.   She especially enjoyed blowing out the candles on her cake and making a wish in private.
Hilda hopes to see everyone next year on her 105th birthday.

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