Notre Dame grad, Clarksburg native Matthew Lehosit recognized by national publication

By Local News | April 16, 2017
Clarksburg native and Notre Dame High School graduate Matthew Lehosit is living the dream with a great job that he loves.....and he seems to be doing a pretty good job at it!
Lehosit, who has lived in Atlanta now for the last 12 years, is the marketing director for the Cartoon Network. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Network which is part of the Turner Broadcasting subsidiary of Time Warner.
The wildly popular Cartoon Network was founded on October 1, 1992 by producer and writer Betty Cohen.  The Network's primary audience is children and young teenagers from 7 to 15 years of age during the day.  They offer a more mature animated cartoon content in the channel's late night programming with shows like "Adult Swim".
As of January 2016, the Cartoon Network is now available to more than 93 million homes with cable and satellite television service.
So how does a WVU graduate from Clarksburg, West Virginia become the marketing director for the Cartoon Network?
"When I moved to Atlanta 12 years ago I honestly didn’t realize what a hub for industry it actually was, and I’ve grown to develop a deep pride for this city as an epicenter of culture in the south," Lehosit posted on his LinkedIn page (
"Turner Broadcasting as a prime example. I get kinda nerdy thinking about stories I’ve heard about Ted Turner running around our campus in a bathrobe in the early days of CNN and TBS, and how much our campus has grown since then.  When I tell friends about all the big brands that have major headquarters here in Atlanta – from Turner to Coca Cola to Google to Delta to Porsche to Mailchimp, with all of Hollywood in tow – I think they’re surprised.  Then when they visit me and spend some time here, they all fall in love with it too!" he said.  
It is in his role as marketing director for the Cartoon Network that earned Lehosit some very special recognition recently along side some very special colleagues.
ADWEEK Magazine named Lehosit one of 20 "Rising Brand Stars Who Are Bringing Global Attention to Atlanta".  CLICK HERE to read the article on all 20 individuals being recognized, including Lehosit.
According to ADWEEK, "Atlanta has long been home to iconic brands like Coca-Cola, but the city’s roster of highly admired companies continues to evolve rapidly—as does the talent driving them forward."

"Today, Atlanta is becoming known not only for its global powerhouse corporations, but also for its vibrant, tech-driven startups like MailChimp and booming regional brands like SweetWater Brewing.
Their businesses may be well known, but the same isn’t always true of the people driving this success. So Adweek’s editors have selected 20 of the rising brand stars who are energizing and elevating Atlanta."
Lehosit manages off and on channel promotions, consumer facing marketing initiatives and overall brand strategy and communication on Cartoon Network’s key franchises including The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, and Adventure Time. Lehosit is also charged with the oversight of all of the Network’s marketing brand managers. 
"Our team immerses ourselves in the brand/content, develops insights in collaboration with our research team, and creates positioning, strategy, and tactics for all consumer facing campaign and projects.  We work across all areas of business as the arrow to ensure everyone is working toward the same strategic bullseye," Lehosit posted. 
Matthew Lehosit is the son of Roger and Suzi Lehosit - the owners of MCM Business Systems in Nutter Fort.

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