COULD IT BE THE RUSSIANS? Internet Sensations "Gramma and Ginga" Facebook Hacked

By Local News | May 28, 2017
By Jeff Toquinto.  They are internet sensations not just here and throughout West Virginia, but have worldwide fame as well. Yet even Harrison County’s own Gramma and Ginga aren’t immune from internet hackers.

The Facebook sensations that had nearly half a million followers had their Facebook page taken over by a hacker, losing not just their followers, but many photos and videos. But, the journey of the two local legends isn’t over on the internet – and we’ll get to that shortly.

For those that may not know, Gramma is 103-year-old Genevieve Musci and Ginga is 98-year-old Arlene Cody Bashnett. They both live in the North View sections of Clarksburg. The pair became famous when family members, led by grandson and nephew Frank Fumich, began taping their bantering that is often hilarious  and frequently filled with colorful language – meaning laced with some profanity.

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