2018 Burnside Foundation College Scholarships Pushes Total to More than $4.6 Million

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | May 26, 2018
he Warren & Betty Burnside Foundation celebrates 27 years of giving to students of Harrison County.  The Burnsides had no children of their own.  Since the couple started the foundation in 1991, they have awarded 2,636 students scholarships for a total of $4,613,500.
This year, the foundation awarded 136 scholarships for a total of $341,500 including a $4,000 scholarship in memory of Betty Burnside.
High school juniors should see their counselor about applying for the 2019 scholarship awards. Applications will be available in January. 
Receiving the Warren & Betty Burnside Foundation Scholarship for the 2018-19 school year are:
Bridgeport High School
Caroline Furby                     
Heidi Knight
Jacob Perine                                        
Mason Williams
Liberty High School 
Ty'Aiera Beafore                 
Rebekah Davis
Emily Keesucker                  
Charlotte Layman
MaKatlyn Tucker                 
Marisa Watson
Kelsi Womeldorff                
Annika Yost
Lincoln High School
David Akers                                         
Kaitlyn Barnard
Gibson Barnard III              
Saylor Beezel
Jaye Carvelli                         
Sydney Jett
Jonathan Leep                     
Karley Lemley
William Lemley                    
Maralisa Marra
Macey Miller               
Hannah Swiger
Delani Watson
Notre Dame
Alexandra McMunn            
Andrew Rogers
Lauren Smith
RCB High School
Emilio Buffey                                 
Alaina Godwin
Gwen Johnson                     
Zoriah Misner
Seth Reed                                            
Andrew Richards
Sarah Walker
South Harrison High School
Erica Anderson                     
Camden Barnette
Riley Barriger                                      
Nicholas Rush
Kelsie Stewart                      
Nathan Stickel
Mekalea Whitehair                            
Rachel Zirkle
College Sophomores-34 Students
College Juniors- 31 Students
College Seniors-23 Seniors
United Technical Center LPN School- 5

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