WV's 2nd Secretary of State Granville Davisson Hall Born in Harrison County Sept. 17,1837

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | October 04, 2018
{Courtesy of the Waldomore - The Clarksburg Public Library}  Granville Davisson Hall was born in Harrison County, West Virginia on September 17, 1837. Hall was a well-known chronicler, businessman, and an important state founder.

He started his career in Harrison County as a school teacher. He then left Harrison County to become an editor for the Wheeling Intelligencer. He rose to fame as a writer and journalist for the Wheeling Intelligencer.

Many of his writings depicted the formation of the state of West Virginia such as Lee’s Invasion of Northwest Virginia; Two Virginias, and The Rending of Virginia.

His popular works of fiction include Daughter of the Elm and Old Gold.

He served as West Virginia’s first clerk of the House of Delegates in 1863 and as the second secretary of state in 1865.

After he left politics in 1867, he became involved with the railroad company and became the President of Louisville and Nashville Railroad.

He died in his home in Glencoe Illinois in June 24, 1934, as the result of a fall at the age of 96.

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