Benedum Airport announces daily flight schedule to Washington, DC and Chicago

By Local News | September 23, 2017
It’s been known for some time that Bridgeport’s new daily air service provider – SkyWest flying under the United Airlines banner – will start daily scheduled service Nov. 1 out of Bridgeport.
It’s also know that SkyWest is one of the most reliable services nationwide and will see the North Central  West Virginia Airport have a regional jet to utilize as to the prop planes that have provided service for decades.
And it’s known that the airport will have flights going to two major hubs in Chicago and Washington, D.C.
What hasn’t been known is when flights would be going in and out of Bridgeport under the new federally subsidized service through the FAA’s Essential Air Service program. On Wednesday, it was revealed.
Airport Director Rick Rock provided a list of the new finalized flight service schedule. While some may have already booked flights and know of parts of the schedule, the official schedule has been released.
“I’m extremely pleased with the schedule because it gives us a lot of things that many customers like,” said Rock. “Are there other times or additional times we’d like to have? Sure, but for starting out I’d argue this service we have combined with the schedule is as good as any Essential Air Service program in the country.”
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