Krystian's Kolumn: Katy Perry Concert and the Body Positive Fashion Show at WVU

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | October 01, 2017
Never Stop Looking Up…
Fall is here and I have already overindulged on the pumpkin spice lattes, even though the weather was still a little sunny for this toasty treat. I can’t help but wait in anticipation for all the leaves to change color and the wind to blow cooler.
Walking on campus at WVU is a truly beautiful site already, and I am looking forward to more walks with my puppy Ludo when the weather makes its official break into fall.
Last weekend I had the best time attending the Katy Perry concert, and was immersed in memories from my teen years with every pop song from years past she belted out while wearing some of the most creative 80’s themed costumes. Katy’s props were incredible and my favorite part of her show was when she travelled on a pastel colored planet which looked like Saturn and had an adorable visit from a shining star. I couldn’t help but think of my little star with a shining scar, Eugene.
When she was done with her high flying song rendition, Miss Perry asked a guest up on stage to make a special wish on this magical star. She was greeted by a pair of young sisters, dressed in their pastel tutus and smiles as big at the galaxy. She asked one of the girls, ‘What is a dream that you have been wishing for? Say it out loud and we will say we believe in your dream.
The little girl chimed, ‘I wish I could be you one day!’ At that moment you could just feel the room melt and I cried happy tears, just seeing this sweet girl with innocence and belief in her special wish that is precious beyond words.  What an incredible experience to meet someone face to face that represents something incredible to you. It could be an athlete, a T.V. star, musician or political figure. 
I have enjoyed many experiences in life, but experiences for me will never compare to meeting incredible people who prove that any dream can be accomplished. Those influences stick with you and inspire motivation for years to come. Even though I didn’t get to meet Katy Perry, watching those two little girls gave me a newfound inspiration to push myself to be that kind of someone someday. Our world needs more kind leaders and I hope to live a life that not only shows kindness but one that inspires it.
This Tuesday, October 3rd, I will have the honor of speaking at the Body Positive Fashion Show, being held at the WVU Mountainlair from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. There will be music, food, shopping and a body positive fashion show! 
Krystian Leonard is the president and founder of the non-profit "Shinning S.C.A.R.S.". She is an award-wining author and a reporter for Channel Kindness.  Krystian is a graduate of Robert C. Byrd High School and attends West Virginia University. To contact Krystian, you can email her at shiningscars@gmail.comor visit

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