Clarksburg's Krystian Leonard now working with Foundation co-founded by Lady Gaga

By Local News | July 09, 2017
By Krystian Leonard.  When is the last time you stepped out into a raining evening and took that walk or jog? During the warm rain last evening I decided to go for a quick walk to clear my head. The rain was too much for my puppy, Ludo.  He is still convinced the rain is too much like a bath and chooses his warm bed and toys instead. 
So off I went, umbrella in hand, wearing my favorite boat shoes. The rain was a perfect drizzle, and the air was a mix of warm and cool. It gave me time to reflect on my goals for the week and plans in the coming month.

My summer has been filled with scheduling interviews, learning how to edit video, growing my nonprofit organization and special projects.  But no matter how busy my days are now, I make time to step outside, or go to the gym, and take care of myself. Last week my second video for Channel Kindness was released. It was my first time working and editing my own work independently.
My subjects were two incredible teens that I met thru my nonprofit Shining Scars. It felt amazing and empowering to give these two the microphone and share what they have personally gone thru. Working for Born This Way Foundation has been an incredible experience. The foundation was created by Cynthia Germanotta, (Lady Gaga’s mom) and Lady Gaga herself, and last year they organized Channel Kindness. As one of fifty reporters in the country, I believe in the impact my stories can have in inspiring my community and state to work harder to channel kindness and compassion.

It was this thinking that started my journey four years ago, the idea that I can change the way I see myself, and the way others view flaws or scars. I became a published children’s author at 16, and have had an amazing experience in building my nonprofit Shining S.C.A.R.S.
Today, I travelled to a summer reading program, Energy Express in Gilmer County WV. The first Energy Express I visited was when I had just had my children’s book published, titled Shining Scars. I only had the paperback version to tote with me, which my publisher Cathy sent me, and it was my first official appearance with my book. Almost 4 years later, I am still completely humbled and incredibly excited each time I can share my little star, Eugene, and my personal story behind the book.

Today I asked the children questions like, ‘What is an important fact about West Virginia?”, and “What lesson did you learn from Eugene?”. I get amazing answers and hand out prizes. Most importantly are the smiles and hugs I get from those sweet little humans. Those smiles and hugs are the umbrellas I need to keep working hard for my shining stars with Shining Scars.

Keep shining bright and follow my journey to make our world a little brighter.

Krystian Leonard is a Channel Kindness report and an author.  She is also the president of Shinning S.C.A.R.S., a non-profit organization that can be found at
Tedx published a video on Krystian's experience and work.  That video can been seen buy CLICKING HERE.

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