Bob-n-Along: Elks Lodge Returns to Harrison County Area; Officers Elected for 2017-18

By Bob Stealey | February 26, 2017
Today's Bob'n'Along deals, at least partially, with the return to the Clarksburg area of a fine tradition that was in hiatus for a couple of years.
Now I should state here at the outset that despite any gossip that may be wildly floating about, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks is once again "alive and kicking" around the Clarksburg area. Yes, it was closed--for a while--but make no mistake, it has reopened as Lodge No. 2875. You'll find it along W.Va. Route 58, better known as the Stonewood-Anmoore Road, a mere stone's throw from the corporate limits of Anmoore. The mailing address is 10099 Cost Avenue, Stonewood, WV 26301.
Elks Lodge 2875 opened in the late winter of 2016. To this day, there are folks in Central West Virginia who are unaware that Elks has started up again. Indeed, there may be some people who never knew that it closed, at its location of U.S. Route 19 South in Clarksburg and with a different lodge number. Please, pass on to others the good word that Elks are back in business in "these-here parts."
At the Lodge 2875 meeting Tuesday evening, the annual election took place, so I'm using this space to reveal the names of the new officers. The Exalted Ruler-elect is Jeff Barnhart and the Leading Knight-elect is Gary Keith. Loyal Knight-elect is Jared Parsons and Lecturing Knight-elect is Mike Coffey. Other officers include: Secretary-elect, Boyd "Butch" Welling and Treasurer-elect Rhea Efaw.
The list of Trustees-elect consists of: Joe Corcoglioniti Jr., Five-year Trustee; Flavious Haynes, Four-year Trustee; Denver Atkinson; Three-year Trustee; Ed Morrison; Two-year Trustee, and Paul Howe, One-year Trustee.
There's a handful of appointed officers, including: Bill Parsons, Chaplain; Orval Barnhart (father of Jeff Barnhart), Inner Guard; Kim Ice, Tiler, and Ashley Keith, Esquire.
The younger Barnhart expressed that it's his hope, and the hope of the new officers, that any Elks member who may come to find that he or she has a pet peeve, that individual "should come forward to talk about the issue with us." He further hopes that Elks members who are veterans or in their younger years who may be interested in serving the local Elks lodge in any capacity, should contact him or any other officer to express that interest.
"All members of our Elks lodge will be needed to help support the lodge," he added.
Elks lodge meetings will continue to be the first and third Tuesday of each month, and Lodge 2875 will continue its Friday night and Saturday night dinner specials.
"Members can follow our activities on our Facebook page, Harrisoncountyelkslodge2875," Barnhart said.
The lodge recently completed its Elks Hoop Shoot, for youngsters ages 8 through 12.
A pancake breakfast for veterans is planned for April, Barnhart stated, adding there's a possibility that West Virginia University Women's Basketball head coach Mike Carey, a former Clarksburg resident, will be the speaker at the breakfast, depending on his recruiting schedule. Tickets will be $5, with proceeds
to be used for veterans programs to be held at the lodge.
Except for Sunday and Monday, the game room and the bar at the lodge will be open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily, according to Barnhart.
-  -  -  -  -
Probably the fans of WVU's Men's Basketball Team are already aware of it, but after their heartbreaking loss at Kansas on February 13, the squad returned to their winning ways this past week by defeating the Red Raiders of Texas Tech on Saturday afternoon, February 18, in double-overtime by a score of 83-74, and then by topping the University of Texas Longhorns, 77-62, on Monday evening. Both games were played at the WVU Coliseum.
The Texas game wasn't without a scare for WVU team members and fans, though, when head coach Bob Huggins, while in a team huddle, dropped to his knees less than a half-minute before the end of the first half. Reportedly, the coach's defibrillator shut off during a time-out. Thankfully, he was able to walk back onto the court and resume coaching the game to its conclusion.
The Mountaineers will close out their regular season in the next seven days, taking on the Horned Frogs of TCU on Saturday afternoon and then the Baylor Bears on Monday evening. Both games will be in Texas. Their finale will be at 7 p.m. next Friday against the Cyclones of Iowa State at the Coliseum. The Phillips Big 12 Championship tourney will take place March 8-11 in Kansas City.
-  -  -  -  -
Speaking of sports, as the late Howard Cosell would say, I understand that Major League Baseball will be introducing a new rule for its 2017 season, designed to "speed up" the game a bit. It's not that I can see where much difference will result, but at any time it's decided that a pitcher will intentionally walk a hitter, the base on balls will be granted with a mere gesture from the dugout, rather than making the hurler go through the motions of throwing four balls to the batter.
As I said, I can't see where it makes a whole lotta difference, but what's the big deal about cutting maybe 30 seconds off the length of the game? To my way of thinking, since baseball is my favorite professional sport, "what's yer hurry?" When a big league pitcher stares down an opposing batter, or vice-versa, that's all part of the game and of the "keep 'em guessing" aspect of it. But unless you're a chess player, perhaps you won't see the gain of just waiting things out.
-  -  -  -  -
This Week's Bible Verse:  "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."--Jeremiah 1:5

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