Asst. Superintendent Wendy Imperial retires from Harrison County School System

By Local News | June 24, 2017
After 32 years with the Harrison County Board of Education, Bridgeport’s Wendy Imperial has retired. Looking back on her three-decade stint which has included teaching, administration and counseling, she feels like she accomplished what she set out to do when she pursued a career in education.

“I tried to help people and support families,” she said. “I always did joke that it was my role as a middle child to be the fixer. That’s what I did in my professional life, too. I let the middle child in me kick in and said, ‘Let me help you.’”

The daughter of Barbara and James “Jim” Northey, Imperial is a 1974 graduate of Bridgeport High School. Older siblings Wayne (Northey) and Susan (Owen) graduated in 1967 and 1970, respectively, and younger sister Julie (Lane) in 1976. All four live in the area and she is happy to have more time to spend with them, as well as her mother, now Barbara Coffindaffer, 91 years old.
Imperial said the thought to become a teacher first crossed her mind when she was very young, but family circumstances eventually put that plan on hold.

“I think a lot of little girls – especially those my age – played school when they were little and aspired to be a teacher,” she said. “But when I was in junior high, my dad came home from work, had a heart attack and died at age 50. During my high school years, the plan to go to college didn’t seem affordable. I graduated and went to work.”

Imperial obtained her broker’s license and appraiser’s license and sold real estate and soon thereafter got married. Though that career was going fine, the dream to teach was still very much alive, so she began taking night classes at Fairmont State, working toward a bachelor’s degree in education.

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