As Halloween approaches, Jeff Toquinto remembers Chiller Theater and "Chilly Billy"

By Connect Clarksburg Staff | October 28, 2017
When I first heard that Meadowbrook Mall would be host to a first-ever “Zombie Walk” a few years ago and continued with their fourth one last weekend, I was pretty certain that it would draw a big crowd. That first year, I wondered how big the crowd would be.

My thoughts were never impacted because I thought it was a bad idea; far from it. I’ve seen more than one member of my own family completely infatuated with the Walking Dead television series that resumed last week. The craze still continues with the Walking Dead and it also continued for the Zombie Walk.

From almost all accounts, there was another big crowd that drug their bodies through the mall a week ago.

While the “zombie” phenomenon might still be considered somewhat new, the fact that folks are infatuated with things that might scare them – monsters let’s call them – is far from new. And in this area and all throughout the tri-state area, folks in my generation and perhaps a generation prior have one man to thank for it – Bill Cardille.
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